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Signature Projects

Playing your part in the customer charter

Delegates will identify key behaviours that impact on the delivery of effective customer care and enable delegates to develop an understanding of how they can make a difference.

Creating strong customer relationships

Delegates will be able to spot opportunities for future growth – know what questions to ask and how it feels to be in the customer’s shoes. We emphasize the importance of delivering excellent customer service and enable delegates to build strong relationships and spot opportunities for growth.

Achieving Quality Group Work

OSR will provide the necessary skills and techniques needed to run an effective team, identify possible barriers in their own teams and look at ways to develop appropriate behaviours.

Effective presenter

Delegates will develop areas such as; Preparation skills, delivering a presentation, coping with nerves and problems, and effective audience attention. These abilities enhance professionalism, personal peace of mind and confidence when delivering to an audience.

Managing difficult behaviour with effective behaviour

To enhance your ability to manage difficult people and their behaviour considering the behaviours and actions of effective managers developing an understanding of how high impact communication and personal responsibility contributes to successful performance.

Effective Negotiation

Delegates will be able to define their own rules and beliefs about negotiation and how that either supports or hinders success. Delegates will develop negotiation styles and the ability to understand / interpret other perspectives.

Building client relationships

The course will concentrate on prospecting for business and will demonstrate how using the telephone as a positive sales tool promotes and/or sells goods and services.

Managing in times of change

To develop the skills and behaviours needed to be able to motivate, support and encourage others through change.

Manager as coach

OSR’s participants will have increased confidence and competence in the coaching of others by developing and practising coaching tools and techniques to improve their people skills.

Recruitment and selection

Delegates will develop the skills for interviewing in terms of Recruitment and Selection, and to explore good practice.

Facilitation skills

Individuals will improve their facilitation skills and develop a more effective non-directive leadership style, which will enable them to control and guide any group situation towards its objectives, and therefore achieve positive results.

Developing performance in self and others

To explore and apply various skills in order to effectively review and develop performance in self and others

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