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As a training consultancy, one of the most important things we help our clients with is employee engagement.

Ryan Cheyne @ Rentalcars.com

What is employee engagement?

There are a number of different definitions available, but according to the CIPD, employee engagement is:

"Being focused in what you do (thinking), feeling good about yourself in your role and organisation (feeling), and acting in a way that demonstrates commitment to the organisational values and objectives (acting)."

I've been fortunate enough to meet Ryan Cheyne, Director of Rentalcars.com, on a few occasions, and he recently shared with me the employee engagement strategy that's in use at his present organisation. It immediately piqued my interest as it sounded creative, innovative, and fun! As leader of the HR Leaders/Fellows group of the CIPD's Manchester branch, I asked Ryan (pictured above) if he would host an event for us at his offices and demonstrate how his employee engagement strategy works.

On the 6th of October, a group of HR professionals and business leaders attended the event at Rentalcars.com's offices on Fountain Street in Manchester. It was a very interesting event indeed, and each person took away some key hints and tips on how to improve employee engagement within their organisation.

The CIPD Factsheet on Employee Engagement quotes the MacLeod Review of 2009, summarising four 'enablers' that should be fundamentals of any employee engagement strategy:

  • Leadership that gives a 'strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where it's come from and where it is going'

  • Line managers who motivate, empower and support employees

  • Employee voice throughout the organisation, to challenge or reinforce the status quo and involve employees in decision-making

  • Organisational integrity: stated values, embedded into the organisation's culture ('What we say is what we do!')

I feel that Rentalcars.com have drawn together all of the above strands and more in their employee engagement strategy.

Rentalcars.com were excellent hosts, with Ryan Cheyne and Damiana Casile welcoming us to their offices with some lovely refreshments and giving everyone the opportunity to network.

Ryan then opened the event by taking us through his background in employee engagement. Prior to joining Rentalcars.com, Ryan was People Director of Pets at Home, the UK's leading pet specialist retailer. During the 9 years he spent with Pets at Home, the company was repeatedly recognised as a retail employer of choice, notably being named as the #1 Big Company to Work For in 2013 by The Sunday Times. In his role as People Director, Ryan found innovative ways to being the company's core values to life, and as a result, Ryan's expertise in the area of employee engagement is well known in the business community.

Here are some of the thoughts that Ryan shared with us:

It doesn't matter what your company does - people generally want the same things from work.

Here are some of the benefits that Rentalcars.com employees receive:

  • Free tea, coffee and fruit
  • A cool working environment
  • A subsidised canteen
  • Meeting rooms
  • A space that is fun and fit for purpose
  • A workplace to be PROUD of!

Having received a full tour of the Rentalcars.com office, I must say that it's somewhere I would be proud to work as well.

Ryan also shared his belief that:

The road to engagement starts with listening - the journey to engagement starts with doing.

We then discussed the purpose of Rentalcars.com, linking back to the Macleod review, which states that 'there should be a strong narrative about where the organisation is going'. I believe that the purpose of Rentalcars clearly states where the company would like to go and the contribution required from their employees.

Empowering People

Ryan then demonstrated how the organisation listens and involves its employees in the decision-making process. In order for employees to feel that they have a voice and that their contributions are of value, Rentalcars.com held an event around shaping their values, giving each employee the opportunity to have some input.

Rentalcars.com 'V' Festival

Ryan also told us about the Rentalcars.com 'V' Festival. The aim was to create:

  • A values-driven event
  • An event where people come together with a common purpose
  • Something that was fun, vibrant, trendy and cool
  • A buzz and a discussion
  • A memorable point in time where colleagues felt involved
  • A mass of data and feedback to uncover the company's values
  • Something that would 'launch' the values event before it took place

Ryan shared with us details of the 'V' festival, which included colourful bunting, live music, a photo booth, and interactive sessions intended to gather employee feedback. As someone who enjoys involvement and participation, I could visualise the event and very much wished I had been able to take part! Following on from the event, all the data was analysed and the stated values were then agreed upon and shared throughout the business. As each staff member was involved in shaping these values, the work required to embed them into the organisation's culture was partly achieved. The next step for Rentalcars.com is to live those values and make sure that 'what we say is what we do'!

The values of Rentalcars.com really resonate with me. Love plays a big part, together with creativity, togetherness, fun and honesty.

Rentalcars.com Company Values

The final part of our visit was a tour of the company's famous offices, hailed in the Manchester Evening News on the 27th of May 2015 as potentially 'Manchester's coolest office'!

Rentalcars.com Offices in Manchester

Ryan and his team gave us a guided tour of their offices, and I must say that I feel they are truly fabulous - we didn't want to leave!

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