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I have been a certified TetraMap®  Facilitator for 10 years I have found it to be an engaging model that lends itself to transforming team performance but also works well when used in one to one coaching situations. TetraMap® was created in New Zealand and it offers structured training tools which improve communication and consolidates unity and effectiveness.  It Maps the complexity of nature into four basic Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Then, using the power of metaphor we apply the map to human behaviour.  It supports us to choose a balanced, holistic perspective; whether it is to improve relationships, strengthen teamwork clarify a corporate vision, or provide a framework for organisational development.

Having worked internationally for some years one of the criticisms that delegates make is that some of the profiling tools do not lend themselves to diverse audiences. Another criticism is that often after completing a personality profiling exercise they soon forget what the outcomes were and how it reflects on how they work with others.  Once when I was delivering a session using TetraMap® in Portugal, one of the delegates approached me and said ‘Ahh so we are all different, and it is ok to be different because ultimately we complement each other and our differences make us part of the whole!’  He got it!

Most recently I have utilised the ‘TetraMap®’booklet called ‘Why are you like that’ whilst working with a coachee who could not understand why his Manager was always seeking to build their brand externally and was always looking for recognition from wider stakeholders. Once we had completed the tool together and discussed how the elements worked and the key traits of each one it allowed him some insight into his Manager’s behaviour thus reducing conflict in their relationship.

As a HR/Learning and Development Professional and Coach - I have often found it works well with audiences from both the Private and Public Sectors promoting harmony and understanding amongst diverse groups. It also works well with my ‘Reflective Coaching’ we use the tool to promote self-awareness prior to our coaching session outside. Where we utilise the beauty of nature to broaden and deepen the coaching experience allowing the coachee to understand that the only limitation to achieving their goal is their own self-belief.

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