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A lot of people have spent a lot of money and invested a lot of effort into creating The Perfect Work Environment. This imagined utopia is a calm, peaceful place, where ideas roam free and everyone works at maximum productivity from dawn 'til dusk.

In all likelihood, The Perfect Work Environment doesn’t exist. There will always be problems to solve, conflicts to quash, and precious minutes wasted. However, that shouldn’t keep us from trying to achieve the best possible workplace; even if we never become ultra-efficient androids, we can still create a great working environment that encourages creativity and exudes positivity.

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones recently wrote an article called Creating the Best Workplace on Earth, and while the content is packed with plenty of fresh, interesting ideas, it’s based around ideals that OSR have always believed in. Goffee and Jones come to the conclusion that a good working environment has to be authentic: in other words, there should plenty of honest communication to make sure that everybody knows what they’re working towards. Everybody at the company should feel like an important contributor to the cause; they should feel valued, influential, and free to express themselves.

There’s a lot more to it, of course, but the main takeaway from this article is that we should all be aiming to create work environments in which people feel meaningful. That means being honest with your employees, keeping them in the loop, and treasuring any input they might have. If someone feels like their work isn’t important, or that they’re not being given the freedom to develop and grow, they’re not going to stay put for very long.

If you’d like to bring your office a little closer to being The Perfect Work Environment, OSR offer a range of training courses that will help. Our Managing Workplace Problems course will help you to turn conflict into positive, productive exercise; the Effective Communicator training day will ensure that you are communicating clearly and authentically with your colleagues at all times. Email info@olivestrachan.com for more information.

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