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Heart and circulatory system

‘Organisational Development’ is a commonly-used phrase in the modern HR business, but unless we want it to become another empty buzzword that gets tossed around boardrooms without making much impact, it’s important to stop and consider what OD really is.

Organisational development – speaking in the broadest, most basic terms available – is all about making your company run smoother. If we may liken businesses to human bodies, and each team or department within the company is a particular organ or limb, then organisational development is designed to make all of these parts work together as a whole.

An OD expert is capable of encouraging everyone in a company to work towards one common goal. Just like parts of the body, every part of a business has a different role to play – one group will make the product, one group will market it, another will keep an eye on those two groups to make sure they’re doing everything right. Like the oil that stops a gate from squeaking, organisational development makes everything work like it’s supposed to.

But it’s not all about The Big Picture. OD also aims to help the individuals who make up the company, creating and optimising an environment that gets the best from them. Organisational development means helping an organisation to be as good as it can possibly be, and doing whatever it takes to achieve that.

As you may notice while browsing our courses, all of OSR’s training providers are experts in OD. Business training and organisational development go hand-in-hand, really; they’re both geared towards improving your business and making it all run a little more smoothly. Call 0161 838 5692 to find out more about our training and development programmes.

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