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One of the most-criticised aspects of the business training industry is the notorious ‘sheep dip’ approach to training and development. This is a slightly silly name for a pretty serious problem: when you see training as the medicine that you feed your employees once a year to keep them productive, your results are unlikely to be all that impressive. Running a business is very different to looking after animals on a farm; dipping your sheep every so often will keep them free of lice, but giving your workers the same old refresher course year after year will quickly lead to diminishing returns.

Of course, training shouldn’t be a routine, token exercise, and a good training provider will always aim to have taught their charges something new or inspired them in new ways by the end of the session. Sheep dip training isn’t something we do here at OSR; managers should invest in training because they want to challenge their employees and improve their skills, not because they have to fill some kind of annual quota. Likewise, a training course ought to revolve around engaging and informing the attendees, rather than reminding them of things that they already know.

Still, even the best training course will come to an end. Once the day is over, it’s up to the attendees to take away what they’ve learned and use it effectively. In this respect, a training course might not be what your company needs at all; you may benefit much more from business coaching.

Where a training course is a one-off burst of guidance and inspiration, hiring a business coach will give you access to ongoing, long-term advice that’s specifically tailored to your situation. The coach will work with you personally to ensure that you get results; not only will they give you far more relevant advice having had a good look at your business, they can then react to any changes and adapt their plan accordingly.

So if you’re looking for a new way to approach your work, or a means of improving a particular aspect of your business, then a good quality training course will see you right. If you want a thorough service that will really take your company to the next level, you need business coaching. Email info@olivestrachan.com today to find out what kind of coaching Olive Strachan Resources can offer you!

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