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Training courses, no matter how thorough and engaging, aren't always the right solution for a business. A one-off, one-day session can have a big impact when delivered well, but it's rarely enoigh to turn a company around completely. If you need something a little more comprehensive, then you might well want to opt for some professional business coaching instead.

Olive Strachan has been coaching for over 20 years, and in that time she has worked with a diverse array of entrepreneurs and executives, helping them to realise their aspirations and, in short, get more from what they do. How many other people have coached the police and the fire service?

Business coaching is a more intimate, in-depth process than an OSR training course; there are no restrictions on how long your coaching sessions can last or how often you can have them. Whether you need an occasional nudge in the right direction or across-the-board guidance that will reinvigorate your entire business, OSR business coaching will bring you that much closer to success.

Olive and the OSR team know that every company is different, and to that end, we create a unique business coaching package for each client we work with. Olive is well-versed in a variety of coaching techniques and diagnostic tools, allowing her to pinpoint a company's issues and tackle them effectively.

OSR offer business coaching for individuals and teams alike. If you'd like us to work with you, call 0161 838 5692 or email info@olivestrachan.com for a quote.

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