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And why doing it right is so important!

Customer service, put simply, is the art of giving people what they want. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? And yet customer service is one of the most talked-about aspects of running a business; books have been written, lectures have been given, and – most pertinently of all – training courses have been delivered. And it’s all in the name of improved customer service.

It’s often been said that ‘the customer is always right’, and while baristas and shop assistants up and down the country are gritting their teeth in disagreement right now, there’s a lot of wisdom in that proverb. After all, customers are the only reason you’re still in business, and if you’re not doing right by them, you can kiss your company goodbye. If you don’t already acknowledge the value of good customer service, it’s time you started!

Customer service doesn’t necessarily mean doing everything right, but if you do make a mistake or encounter a problem, then good customer service means that you will resolve the issue in a quick and friendly manner. According to zendesk.com, the average customer is most concerned with these three factors:

  1. Speed (How quickly was the problem solved?)
  2. Friendliness (How nice was the person who helped me?)
  3. Directness (How many people did I have to speak to before the issue was resolved?)

As that article points out, it seems that The Perfect Customer Service Interaction doesn’t necessarily end with the customer getting their way – it’s far more important to be nice, and to handle things quickly and efficiently.

And if you don’t hit those three targets, the consequences could be dire. Customer service has always been important (‘happy customers have deep pockets’ is a saying that should have been coined centuries ago), but it’s arguably more crucial than ever nowadays. In the age of social media, information spreads fast, and nothing will get people talking like bad customer service. The last thing you want is a disgruntled customer tweeting, blogging, and waxing lyrical about your company’s many shortcomings. You’ll soon have a bad reputation on your hands, and that will make new customers all the harder to come by.

So it’s time to embrace the true meaning of customer service, and that’s as follows: being good to your customers. Treat them nicely, work hard for them, and you will be rewarded with five-star reviews and glowing recommendations galore. If you’re keen to kick your customer service skills into high gear, get in touch with OSR today. Our next Customer Service training course is happening on the 15th of October; email info@olivestrachan.com or call 0161 838 5692 to book your place.

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