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Here at Olive Strachan Resources, we pride ourselves on being an international training company. We may be based in rainy old Manchester, but our training courses have taken us all over the world, from Belgium to Bosnia to Bahrain.

And while we could just sit here and boast about all the beautiful places we’ve visited, we’re not going to do that. As enlightening as it is to see all of these different countries, it’s their similarities that are truly inspirational.

The amazing thing about providing training courses on a global scale is this: the same values tend to hold true no matter where you’re preaching them. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking to project managers in Portugal or CEOs in Serbia, our tried-and-tested management training methods will almost always apply.

At the end of the day, managing a business is all about communication and making good decisions, and that ethos is valid no matter where your business is based. There are some differences, of course, and language barriers can sometimes be difficult to overcome, but the message at the heart of our training programmes can generally be exported to any and all corners of the world.

To learn more about our internationally-acclaimed training courses, email info@olivestrachan.com or call 0161 838 5692 today.

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