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The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development) is an illustrious HR association - Europe's largest, in fact - and it gives us great joy to announce that OSR's own Olive Strachan has been made Chair of the CIPD's Manchester branch! Olive was inaugurated at the institute's annual meeting in Fallowfield, and she's keen to embrace her role with open arms. 2013 is set to be a big year for the CIPD; it was founded in 1913, which means that the association is celebrating its one hundredth birthday this year. It's a busy time to become Chair, but Olive is certainly up to the task! Here's what she had to say about this new role:

Chair of CIPD Manchester is just the latest addition to Olive's increasingly diverse resumé. This press release refers to Olive as an "HR professional, coach, mentor, and global entrepreneur" - if anyone has the experience necessary to fill such a prestigious role, it's Olive Strachan! Olive has been a member of the Manchester CIPD committee for years, and she acted as Vice Chair for some time before her recent appointment as Chair.

So what does Olive have planned for the CIPD? Well, one priority is to maintain and strengthen the institute's relationships with universities and students in the Northwest, as well as working together with businesses to push forward new initiatives. Olive will be chair of the CIPD's Manchester branch for the next two years, and this period will hopefully see all kinds of expansion and improvement. Congratulations Olive - here's to the future!

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