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A fitting tribute - and one of my highlights for the end of the year - was at CIPD's volunteer role models event in London, where we celebrated the CIPD Volunteer PACE Awards, attributable to the CIPD values of being Purposeful, Agile, Collaborative and Expert (PACE). The awards recognise volunteers from the CIPD's regional branches and groups who go above and beyond their responsibilities to provide a valued service to members and local communities. It was also an inaugural event, recognising volunteers from organisations outside of the CIPD for the first time and serving as an opportunity to include the various networks.

Olive Strachan and Peter Cheese

Pictured: Olive Strachan with Peter Cheese, CEO of CIPD

The judging panel was chaired by Anna Kyprianou, Vice-President Membership and Professional Development for the CIPD.

Divided into three award sections, the accolades were:

  • Firstly, presenting certificates of volunteering to celebrate and acknowledge the numerous volunteers who have proven to be a fundamental part of the local regional offer, and a bedrock of volunteer activities.

  • Secondly, and furthermore, the CIPD recognised local leaders, who have led and developed their local committees throughout 2014.

  • Finally, the 'Showcase' awards recognised individuals who delivered something exceptional, and went above usual expectations in their volunteer activities. Also for the first time, external volunteers were recognised, as they too have a huge impact in areas of primary importance to the CIPD.

I was both delighted and honoured to be awarded a Showcase Volunteer Award, presented by the CEO of the CIPD Peter Cheese, alongside representatives of the Professional Speaking Association and the HRNet (part of the Cranfield Trust).


21 May at the Chancellors Hotel in Manchester, 15:00-20:30
Chancellors Hotel, Chancellors Way, Moseley Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6NN

Hosted by Olive Strachan, FCIPD - Chair of CIPD Manchester

We are delighted to announce that we have 2 prestigious keynote speakers at the event:

Will Kintish speaking on 'The 10 best habits of world-class networkers'

Will Kintish is acclaimed to be the leading UK authority on the subject of business networking. At this event he will be sharing his thoughts on where people get it right when attending business networking events….and when they don’t. The presentation will give you an insight to:

  • fully understand what networking is and all the opportunities available
  • building great rapport from the start of a business relationship
  • fully understand what it takes to be a world-class networker
  • understand the behaviours and manners of the best networkers
  • ensure that you are in complete control when working the room

Samantha Jones, Founding Director of Insight Factors and Horse Whisperer will be speaking on 'The Leadership Mirror'

Samantha provides coaching and consulting services to individuals and businesses experiencing significant personal or organisational change. She will share her personal and professional experiences of coaching with horses and why it changes people’s lives for the better.

An event not to be missed! Hone your leadership skills, receive world class advice on networking and identify how Horse Whispering can help you!

For further details and to book:

An opportunity to shape our programme for 2014/15

The CIPD Logo

In my position of Chair of the Manchester Branch of the CIPD - I am often asked by our members how we construct our programme of events. Well it is a year long activity culminating in the whole committee which consists of 20 strong volunteers from various backgrounds getting together to produce a programme that is innovative, creative and interesting. 

We have been approached by the CIPD Wimbledon to identify local projects that could have an impact on improving better work and working lives. We would really encourage all our members to get involved in helping us to shape our activities for 2014/15. We are constantly striving to understand what your requirements are from us and how we can improve our offering to you. 

My personal mission is to build the CIPD brand and to prove that HR really is the business.  The CIPD participate in current trends that are high on the government agenda for example Auto-enrolment and Megatrends. The ethos of the CIPD is to champion better work and working lives through improving people management and development practices to build on greater value for organisations, benefiting society and the economy.

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