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Part of my weekend I spent reflecting about my company - Olive Strachan Resources. As of this year, we have been established for over 16 years, and we have gone through many changes in that time. We have had ups and downs but at OSR we are proud of our achievements and being associated with providing learning solutions to organisations worldwide, offering tailored solutions that fit their needs. We are continually branching out, and our training courses in Europe are becoming more prominent and enhancing business skills all over the world.

During the last 10 years, OSR have empowered people with the knowledge they need to drive their organisations, providing first class Business Skills training in Bosnia, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, France, Switzerland and the Ukraine. It is always thrilling to know that you have successfully delivered training that others have benefited from and enjoyed.

Developing long term relationships

I truly believe that working in partnership with our customers helps to develop long-term relationships based on an understanding of requirements, culture, and business needs. The approach is simple: you need to be trustworthy, committed, and able to demonstrate an understanding of the business and organisational culture. Our participants in Europe are required to develop their ability to act with greater precision and credibility when communicating with other people and to develop powerful techniques that put ideas across in a dynamic, winning way.

Over the years, OSR has helped to identify with each business their organisational requirements to meet their goals and ultimately achieve their visions. Every individual has different situational needs but with one aim. At OSR, we recognised the need and developed modular, bite-size programmes that cover a variety of multi-session workshops, enabling individuals to pick and mix to meet their own personal and organisational goals. For example, in Herzegovina we delivered multi-session workshops including: Time Management, Change Management, Effective Writing Skills, Presentation Skills, and Diversity.


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above quote epitomises what coaching is all about: realising the potential in someone.

I have coached people for many years, and I am a great believer in personal development and training. I have recently embarked upon the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring as part of my quest for continuous development.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) lists some characteristics of coaching in organisations that are generally agreed upon by most coaching professionals.

Coaching consists of a one-to-one, non-directive form of a development discussion and provides feedback to an individual on both weaknesses and strengths. Addressing a wide range of issues, they are usually specific and relatively short-term. Focusing on work-related issues rather than personal, coaching is both time-bound and a skilled activity.

Historically, most of the coaching at OSR has taken place inside offices. If you are in a confined space, having a one-to-one with an individual, it can be a very intense experience. The new reflective coaching approach concentrates on a contemporary programme that specialises in coaching but also utilises the environment to further enhance the coaching experience. The approach will also include Tetramap, the G.R.O.W. Model of Coaching, and a 360 degree feedback model.

At OSR, we will be offering coachees the opportunity to leave the constraints of the office and embrace and experience the beauty of nature, whilst discovering their full potential and finding exactly 'what lies within us'.

For further information on Olive Strachan Coaching Services, visit www.olivestrachan.co.uk.

Olive Strachan the founder of OSR Global Training Providers has been named one of the top 100 most influential women in business by the Business Insider North West. 

Throughout the recession Olive has continued to expand her business Global OSR internationally and has successfully held the position of Branch Chair of Manchester CIPD - a very commendable accolade indeed. 

As a Global Entrepreneur, Growth Coach and HR Professional Olive sits comfortably amongst the other 99 women selected, all from different industries representing both the public and the private sector. Many high-profile and prestigious companies are represneted in the lineup, including the White Company, BBC, Trafford Council and The Cooperative Group.

This prestigious accolade is testament to OSR's global success, something which we are very proud of. The list was collated by a selective committee of prominent business people from throughout the region and every woman who was elected was chosen for her influence on the North West business and her contribution to the world of commerce. 

Olive is also a member of the Professional Speakers Association and her name can also be seen in the 'World Who's Who List of Influential Women'. 

Olive's success has been reported on Industry Today and Briefing Wire. This marks yet another fantastic achievement for Olive and OSR Global Training Providers. 

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It is always good to know when you have done a good job. A simple thank you or well done usually suffices, but when you receive a written testimonial from a client, saying how they really appreciate your efforts, you feel wonderful and on top of the world.

I really enjoy what I do. I enjoy seeing people develop, and knowing that my training can improve their performance in the workplace. I enjoy instilling confidence and bringing people out of their shells, and to receive a written endorsement thanking me for my work and detailing how it has benefitted an individual is priceless.

I recently completed a training sessions for the Sales Champions for Campanile Hotels and the Louvre Hotel Group. I must say that all the delegates were fantastic, and each person had their own unique contribution to bring to the table. The training session proved to be very successful and everyone really enjoy the day - especially myself!

You can imagine my surprise when I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers at my office a couple of days after the session, along with a lovely thank you note. In addition, I also received the testimonial below to post onto the OSR website and to share on the OSR social media channels.

As I have mentioned, it is always good to get up in the morning and enjoy going to work, knowing that you are helping and supporting some individual or team to better themselves and improve their skills.

Over the 16 years OSR have been in business, we have trained 500 managers and delivered training in 20 countries. I have met some fabulous people and seen some fantastic sights, but when I receive a testimonial for doing what I love to do, it really is the best feeling and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

"Brilliant training as always! Having known and worked with Olive for 8 years now, each training session is success guaranteed. She is an exceptional character with a personality that brightens the room. Olive always makes the training very interesting and energetic, and she engages exceptionally well with all candidates. Olive is one of those very rare people, able to make her audience open up and get involved in the training. Next session is already scheduled with another team..."

Mark Aldridge, Louvre Hotels Group UK, Head of Operations - Northern Europe

When OSR received an invitation from the UK Trade & Investment to attend the ‘Caribbean Education & Trade Mission’ to Barbados and Trinidad we jumped at the chance! After visiting beautiful Barbados we embarked on the second leg of our journey to Trinidad where we were welcomed by Natalie Dookie; Head of Trade & Investment for UKTI Port of Spain and then Arthur Snell the British High Commissioner.

A hectic schedule proceeded with various presentations about ‘how to deliver business in Trinidad’ from the National Training agency, the university of the West Indies and the Ministry of Labour to name a few.

The next day we were all  involved in the ‘ meet the buyer event’ where we were able to display our products and services and meet and network with a variety of  local Education sector stakeholders for one to one discussions, meetings and company displays. Once again we came away feeling fully informed and with the impression that there is a great deal of potential in the Caribbean.

What have Olive Strachan Resources we gained from our Caribbean Trade Mission?

OSR  now have a clear picture of what is required to do business in the Caribbean; we also had some interest in forming partnerships with us.

OSR have made some excellent contacts some of who have become friends, thank you to Marquita Andrews from Pearson for taking us out for dinner and for making us feel so welcome.

OSR have made some potential business contacts

The lovely Veronica JnMarie from UK Trade and Investment in Barbados periodically sends us details of contracts that could be of interest to us.

Overall, the visit was a really exciting, informative journey and we visited some lovely places and met some fantastic people.


So what does the future hold for Olive Strachan Resources? Watch this space………………………. 

Workshops provided by OSR aimed at leaders who want to inspire teams to work together and who can deliver results and services better and more cost effectively.

Course date:

24th October

Book now to reserve your place.

“Olive provided very informative, exciting sessions on the Managing Skills Training programme in Egypt. I benefitted from her expert knowledge and creative presenting of her skills programme. I would recommend Olive and OSR Training Consultancy for any company or business who would like an injection of fresh ideas and fun in the complex art of management skills and training.”

Sue Cole, Director of Studies at British School, Melfi Italy.

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Olive Strachan, CEO and Founder of OSR Ltd, recently visited the Caribbean in relation to the UKTI Trade Mission.  The blog is in 2 parts; the first leg of her mission took Olive to the beautiful country of Barbados….

“Having being born on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Dominica, I have always had the desire to one day work in the Caribbean. With this in mind, we have invested in land with the intention of offering the same training services as we do in the UK, but with a sister company in West Indies. When I received an invitation from the UK Trade & Investment to attend the ‘Caribbean Education & Trade Mission’ to Barbados and Trinidad in March of this year, I jumped at the chance - and for some reason my husband said he would come with me!

"The first stop was Barbados. We stayed at the Accra Beach Resort and Spa, which I would highly recommend!  

"On the first day, we were taken to the British High Commission where we received a fantastic welcome and a complete overview of the Political and Economic aspects of Barbados by Victoria Dean, British High Commissioner to Barbados. 

"Presentations followed. arranged by Hadford Howell (Head of Trade and Investment from the Caribbean Development Bank) and the  University of the West Indies to name a few. It was an action-packed day and we left knowing what opportunities were available to us in Education and Training.  

"The following day, Hadford and his team had organised individual meetings with potential partners/buyers. It was a thoroughly interesting, informative and enjoyable trip. As an added bonus, we met some lovely people - a big shout-out to Sue Springer and her team from the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association for making us feel so welcome!

"The following day, we were flying out to Trinidad and Tobago on the next leg of the visit – exciting times ahead.  My journey will continue with my August blog..."

Influencing and Persuading Skills

An essential component of organisational success at all levels.

Top of Form


Bottom of Form

 Ideal for people who want to build strong relationships,exert greater influence and  project a positive image of themselves and their organisation.


Did You Know…

Previous workshops delivered by OSR enabled 84% of delegates to communicate effectively and to use their influencing skills to persuade others.

OSR can help you get your Managers back on track’ with our Influencing and Persuading Skills course delivered at the :

OSR Office


Peter House, Manchester

 20th June 2014 


Help you to get your Managers hone their influencing and persuading skills to achieve optimum results from work situations.

The Influencing and Persuading Skills programme delivered by OSR Training will help managers to achieve optimum results from work situations that involve other people,and create effective business relationships.

For further information contact Olive Strachan, 0161 209 3950 email olive@olivestrachan.com

Nurturing Aspirations and Fulfilling Professional Dreams


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Effective communication is a fundamental element of organisational success at all levels.

To achieve the most favourable results from situations that include other people by enhancing your communication skills to inspire and generate effective business liaisons, there are 5 simple steps to maintaining effective communications:

  1. Understand your own personal communication style and how it impacts on those you are communicating with
  2. Identify the behaviours associated with good working relationships
  3. Use your communication style to influence others and develop effective relationships
  4. Understand the impact of relationships on personal performance, on colleagues and on clients
  5. Communicate effectively to 'gain the edge' and achieve your objectives

These 5 steps will enable the individual to consider possible motivators and can provide a simple framework for dealing with and managing people.

To achieve these simple steps...register now for The Effective Communicator programme. Workshop commences 14 October 2014 at:

OSR Office
Peter House, Manchester.


The Effective People Manager

In the management of a team, the human factor is crucial to success!

Once again, employee communications have made global headlines. Helping entreprenurial employees improves engagement and retention of top staff, according to L'Oreal HR Director Isabelle Minneci:

"All the best leaders I know have failed a lot in their career. If we encourage an environment where people are not afraid to try and fail, we will definitely reap the benefits in innovation and unlock worker's potential."

Did You Know...

Previous Effective Communicator workshops (delivered by OSR) enabled 88% of delegates to manage people effectively and to use their management styles to influence others.

OSR can support managers to feel more confident and get back in the fast lane with our Effective People Manager programme course, delivered at the:

OSR Office
REGUS, Peter House, Manchester
29th May 2014

We help your managers to hone their management and leadership skills to achieve optimum results from work situations.

The Effective People Manager programme will help managers to achieve optimum results from work situations that involve other people and create effective business relationships.

For further information, contact Olive Strachan on 0161 209 3949 or email olive@olivestrachan.com

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