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We run so many courses here at OSR, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of them all! If you feel like trying a little training this month, here's a handy list of the courses we'll be delivering in Manchester this month. If you see something you like on this at-a-glance guide, click the course title for more information - or just ring 0161 838 5692 to book your place!

11th June – Interviewing Skills
A good employer-employee relationship starts with the interview. Develop your communication skills and learn how to ask the right questions!

11th June – Managing Workplace Problems
Problem solving is a crucial management skil. Improve your ability to tackle problems and conflicts as soon as they emerge.

12th June – Sales Skills
Selling something over the phone is harder than doing so in person. This course will help to make you a better salesperson!

13th June – Essentials for Managers with Experience
Management and leadership are two different things. This course covers a variety of skills that are central to both.

18th June – Managing Teams
Work together with your team members, and encourage them to work together with each other!

19th June – Performance Management
It’s not the work you’re doing, it’s how well you’re doing it. Boost your employees’ (and your own) performance with this course.

20th June – Influencing and Persuading Skills
The ability to influence other people is a great skill to have in your arsenal. Increase your powers of persuasion and build better working relationships.

25th June – Managing Effective Appraisal
The annual performance review doesn’t have to be tedious and unpleasant. With the skills you’ll learn on this course, you can ensure that your appraisals are geared towards development and improvement.

25th June – Time Management
No matter what your job is, good time management is essential. Learn to prioritise and avoid those last-minute panics!

26th June – Assertiveness
Being assertive doesn’t mean being nasty. There’s a big difference between assertiveness and aggression, and this training day will help you to assert yourself in all the right ways.

27th June – Handling Difficult Situations
Empathy is key if you’re managing a business. This course will help you to understand the people who work for you and resolve any problems you might be having.

If any of that sounded interesting to you, don’t waste any time – course places are limited, and it’s first come, first served! Ring 0161 838 5692 today, or email info@olivestrachan.com.

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development) is an illustrious HR association - Europe's largest, in fact - and it gives us great joy to announce that OSR's own Olive Strachan has been made Chair of the CIPD's Manchester branch! Olive was inaugurated at the institute's annual meeting in Fallowfield, and she's keen to embrace her role with open arms. 2013 is set to be a big year for the CIPD; it was founded in 1913, which means that the association is celebrating its one hundredth birthday this year. It's a busy time to become Chair, but Olive is certainly up to the task! Here's what she had to say about this new role:

Chair of CIPD Manchester is just the latest addition to Olive's increasingly diverse resumé. This press release refers to Olive as an "HR professional, coach, mentor, and global entrepreneur" - if anyone has the experience necessary to fill such a prestigious role, it's Olive Strachan! Olive has been a member of the Manchester CIPD committee for years, and she acted as Vice Chair for some time before her recent appointment as Chair.

So what does Olive have planned for the CIPD? Well, one priority is to maintain and strengthen the institute's relationships with universities and students in the Northwest, as well as working together with businesses to push forward new initiatives. Olive will be chair of the CIPD's Manchester branch for the next two years, and this period will hopefully see all kinds of expansion and improvement. Congratulations Olive - here's to the future!

Managing people effectively is no mean feat. The job of a line manager is to keep everything running smoothly, and if you’re employed as a line manager then you already know how difficult this can be at times. Managing everyone else’s work as well as your own...it can often feel like spinning plates!

Our Effective People Management course (next date: May 29, 2013) is especially designed to cater to the needs of the line manager. If your work revolves around managing other people, this training course is perfect for you! This management training programme is one day long, and the training consultant leading the course will focus on the following topics:

  • Understanding your role as a line manager
  • Working within the rules
  • Developing your staff members
  • Setting high standards
  • Maximising resources
  • Establishing good working relationships with staff
  • Managing your time more productively

The most important thing to remember when managing people is that they’re only human. Our Effective People Management training course places a lot of emphasis on what we call ‘The Human Factor’, and over the course of the day, you and the other line managers on the course will learn a variety of new ways to make life easier for both you and your staff.

The next Effective People Management course will take place on the 29th of May in our Manchester training centre. The cost is £350 per person; our courses are always enjoyable and informative, so your money will absolutely not be going to waste! If you’d like to book a place on this course, you can download an OSR Booking Form from the Effective People Manager course page. Alternatively, you can book your place over the phone – just give us a call today on 0161 838 5692.

No matter how prosperous your company is, there’s always room for improvement! The best companies aren’t the ones who rest on their laurels; they’re the ones who constantly press towards bigger and better things. We’re all about improvement here at OSR, and the training and development courses that we provide represent a fantastic means of growing your business even further.

Training and development could mean encouraging your staff to be more productive, but it could just as easily entail a spot of self-improvement; developing your managerial skills is a fantastic way to get more from your employees! Our training courses are open to anyone, so regardless of which field you work in, training and development advice from OSR is only a click away!

We offer a wide range of courses to assist with your company’s development. Our Leadership & Management training courses are ideal for managers who wish to improve their management techniques and develop their working relationship with employees, whereas our Personal Development training courses are, as the name suggests, intended to improve your own abilities, such as assertiveness and problem solving.

No matter what area of your business you wish to improve upon, Olive Strachan Resources are the company to call. Training and development should be an ongoing practice, so if you want to bring further success to your business, why not book a place on one of our training courses today? Email info@olivestrachan.com for more details!

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