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Training in Uzbekistan

Foundations of Management Skills Training in Uzbekistan

OSR have been empowering people with the knowledge they need to drive their organisations throughout the world since 2002, providing first class Management Skill training including Uzbekistan. OSR has successfully held training courses in Uzbekistan including a 4 day Management Course, covering Effective Behaviour, Managing in times of Change and Stress, Developing Performance and Task, Team and Individual.

Companies OSR have worked with in Uzbekistan: OSR delivered a 3 day learning event for staff in the Uzbekistan region. This programme combined aspects of Effective Management, Team Building and Customer Services Skills.

Four bespoke and integrated workshops were developed and led by our global team. The workshops covered effective behaviours and actions of each subject. Content drawn from our understanding and knowledge of the organisations core values and beliefs

Delegates were given a ‘Pre Event Self Assessment Activity’ to be completed prior to the commencement of the programme. This allowed OSR to analyse each delegate’s responses to the questions and give OSR the opportunity to assess which areas each delegates requires development in.

Workshops were interactive focusing on the practical application of skills. Providing the opportunity for practice and reflection with detailed feedback being given to delegates to assist them in their growth. A series of reflective activities and exercises provided an opportunity for the initial development of individual and team action plans on the final day of the programme.

Participants undertook a number of short individual reflective or “team” activities to further reflect of the key messages individually, to develop team working skills and to develop/build effective relationships between the various delegates.

Other projects in Uzbekistan

Phase 1 – Diagnostics – bespoke pre course questionnaire- Established where current minds and behaviors are and the barriers to change.

Phase 2 – Analysis of Diagnostics - Established the best next steps and recommendations to eliminate barriers.

Phase 3 – feedback of diagnostic - Defined the kpi’s for the programme and outcomes.

OSR Global design team

OSR’s creative design team designed a one day programme enabling the organisations own senior team to facilitate a team event to enable the group to discuss the restructuring experience they recently had.

On the day the team were able to:
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