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Training in Qatar

Foundations of Management Skills Training in Qatar

OSR have been empowering people with the knowledge they need to drive their organisations throughout the world since 2002, providing first class Management Skill training including Qatar. OSR has successfully held training courses in Qatar including a 4 day Management Course, covering Effective Behaviour, Managing in times of Change and Stress, Developing Performance and Task, Team and Individual.

Companies OSR have worked with in Qatar:

OSR Global Team

A new behavioural competence framework had been introduced for our Qatar delegates. Whilst some of these competences had been addressed through existing training programmes there was a need to ensure that development programmes and opportunities for staff at the applicable levels underpinned and supported the development and furtherance of these in a robust and coordinated manner. The development of competence was approached in an integrated and holistic manner rather than approached on a subject by subject approach.

A number of e-learning modules had been purchased and consideration needed to be given to how these could be most effectively used. Additionally consideration had to be given to other learning activities which could be undertaken and integrated into the development route.

OSR developed a challenging and integrated Supervisory Skills programme for employees from first line supervisors through to middle and senior managers providing, a clear development pathway, a focus for development and career development activities and an Integration of a variety of learning routes thus maximising options for self-management learning.

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