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Training in Bangladesh

Foundations of Management Skills Training in Bangladesh

OSR have been empowering people with the knowledge they need to drive their organisations throughout the world since 2002, providing first class Management Skill training including Bangladesh. OSR has successfully held training courses in Bangladesh including a 4 day Management Course, covering Effective Behaviour, Managing in times of Change and Stress, Developing Performance and Task, Team and Individual. We have also successfully held a Recruitment and Selection Training Course in Bangladesh.

Companies OSR have worked with in Bangladesh:

Example project delivered in Bangladesh

The programme was delivered via a short pre event diagnostic activity, a five day workshop with short directed individual reflective or “team” evening activities and a final action planning intervention on return to work.

OSR provided a blend of learning methods incorporating input, questionnaires, case studies, workshops, group discussions and activities, coaching, self-reflection and presentations, set in an open, hands-on, how to-apply-it-today atmosphere.
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