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Coaching is an increasingly popular tool for supporting personal development. It is an intervention used by many organisations to develop a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, hopefully leading to the achievement of organisational objectives.

A good business coach targets high performance and improvement at work, although the coaching may also have an impact on an individual’s private life. Based on an assessment of need in relation to the job role and focusing on specific skills and goals, it usually lasts for a short period of time.

OSR Approach: Our Business Coaching Services

Just as a personal trainer helps to build up a person’s physical fitness, a business growth coach strengthens a person’s performance in the job without requiring them to work longer and harder to achieve this. Our professional business coaches offer a supportive and motivational environment to explore what a person wants in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfil their needs. By assisting the client in committing to action and by being a sounding board for their experiences, OSR mentoring allows the individual the personal space and support they need to grow and develop. Often, the coach's key role is helping the client to maintain the motivation and commitment needed to achieve their goals.

At the start of the coaching relationship, the coachee will be sent a corporate intake pack, and for each topic thereafter there will be some pre-course work to complete. This gives the coach a better indication of the individual’s developmental needs.

A one-to-one coaching relationship begins with the coachee choosing what areas they want to focus on. These focus areas will be used as a framework for setting goals, designing projects and making commitments to change.
Olive Strachan MBE

Meet The Coach

Olive Strachan MBE, Chartered Fellow (FCIPD) ILM Executive Coach

As a professional business coach, Olive builds a relationship with each client and the effectiveness of her work is underpinned by trust, confidentiality and a commitment to open and honest communication from both parties.

She has worked with many individuals from some of the most successful organisations in the U.K. Olive has worked with managers, directors and senior Executives in a variety of businesses including Manchester City Council, Arawak Housing Association, Greater Manchester Fire Service, John Lewis, English Institute of Sport, Irwell Valley Housing, Everton Football club, The British Council, BioClinics and Astra Zeneca.

Coaching Team

OSR employs several successful business coaches with experience in leadership, management and personal development. All our qualified coaches/mentors have significant high-level experience within industry, along with coach-specific training. They have worked with large government departments, health authorities and businesses, coaching all levels of staff to enable them to develop their full potential.

Coaching Benefits

One-to-one coaching helps individuals to reduce the stress created by being too busy to stop and think. The process will create thinking time so they can reflect and make the right decisions for both themselves and the organisation.

By standing back sometimes and looking at the bigger picture, they will find answers to questions and solutions to problems they just did not have time to address before. They will also identify what is important to them and – better still – what does not really need to be done by them or done at all.

Characteristics of Coaching in Organisations

Coaches transfer the skills to the client rather than doing the job for them. Delivered in a structured (but highly flexible) manner and generating measurable learning and performance outcomes, coaching:
  • Focuses on improving performance and developing individuals’ skills.
  • Provides people with feedback on both their strengths and their weaknesses.
  • Offers development activities designed to suit client’s personal needs and learning styles.
  • Eliminates specific performance problems.
  • Can focus on interpersonal skills, which cannot be readily or effectively transferred in a traditional training environment.
  • Provides people with contacts and networks to assist with furthering their career or life aspirations.
  • Is highly effective when used as a means of supporting training initiatives to ensure that key skills are transferred to the ‘live’ environment.
  • Allows for discussion of personal issues, although the emphasis is on performance at work.
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