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The Motivational Leader

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: £299.00 + VAT
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This course will teach you all about what motivation is and how it works. We'll teach you how to improve individual and team morale and give your performance a real boost! You'll learn how to lead under pressure, how to bring about real change in the workplace, strengthen your team, and make your organisation's leadership as dynamic and efficient as it can be!

Course Objectives

What will I learn?

What is motivation and how can it be used to power up your workplace?
How to figure what's bringing your team morale down both in and out of work, and how to build them back up.
How to recognise your staff members' achievements and how you can use this to motivate them
How to make your whole team feel included and how that can motivate them
Identify what you can do to motivate your team in real terms

What will it cover?

Definition and key concepts around motivating your staff
Creating a positive working environment
Techniques to boost morale in your team
How your feedback can be used to motivate your team
Creating action plans to bring about positive change in your workplace

Who is it for?

Suitable for leaders, managers or supervisors who are looking to fire up their workforce and create better working relationships to bring a real glow back to the office.

Skills attained

Enhanced interpersonal skills
Learn how to deliver feedback that makes your staff want to achieve even more
Become a more effective motivator of people
Utilise key techniques for maintaining engagement especially during times of change
Location: Manchester City Centre
*When you hire OSR to work for uoi as a training consultant, we will refund the cost of 1 x training programme that you attended previously against any future consultancy / internal training work. Please note that this offer only applies to training courses that you attended in the past; you may not choose to attend a future course and recoup the cost from your consultancy / internal training work.
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